Sonoma County, Northern California, USA

Valley View Dairy

Valley View Dairy is owned by Eugene and Chris Camozzi. Both of their grandfathers emigrated from Italy, starting farms in Northern California at the turn of the century. Their three daughters (including twins) have helped out on the ranch since about age 5.   Eugene has a brother and sister with dairy farms, and Chris has a sister in the same business. Certified organic since May 2006, the Camozzi’s switch to organic was simplified by an existing commitment to pasturing and growing much of their own feed. To Eugene and Chris, organic farming has rewarded them in many ways – they feel gratified to be able to keep cows healthy without medicine, and to be able to sustain a way of life for their family in the tradition of generations before them.

"Pasture-fed cows are just healthier. When our cows are grazing on lush, green grass in the springtime, their health greatly benefits from the nutrients and exercise they receive." 
– Eugene Camozzi