Sonoma County, Northern California, USA

Mello Dairy

Owners Albert and Vicki Mello mark the third generation of dairy farmers in the family. Their son Mike graduated from Cal Poly and now has his own operation Mello Farms, marking the fourth generation.  Daughter Andrea majored in Agricultural Business at Cal Poly, and son Steven also helps out on the farm.  They became 100% certified organic in April 2007, made simple since they always pastured and never used pesticides anyway. They’ve observed that cows allowed to roam on the pasture will actually kick up their feet in delight! For Albert and Vicki, the family tradition is a high priority. They hope it will continue for many more generations.

"We like not using antibiotics. We were excited to find a number of homeopathic cures that work great. Plus, the cows smell fresh and “mintier”. For a dairy farm, that’s good news!"
– Vicki Mello