January 29, 2013

New Year, New Look

Our redesigned 16oz packaging is here!

New Year, New Look

As we hop into the start of a new year, we here at Wallaby Yogurt Company are thankful that this past year has been such a great one. We stayed busy with the launch of our Authentically Strained Organic Greek Lowfat Yogurt in January 2012. And not long after, we were overjoyed to learn that Whole Foods Market had awarded Wallaby as their Supplier of the Year for Best New Product—in honor of our new Greek yogurts! Carrying the excitement and momentum from last year, we have even more to look forward to in 2013...

This month, you'll see our sophisticated new 16oz packaging hit store shelves. We recently updated the packaging for both our 16oz Greek Lowfat Plain Yogurt and our 16oz European-Style Sour Cream. These new containers have a novel shape and more attractive look that should make them easier to spot. And, of course, they still have the same great products inside.

Continue reading to check out their before and after shots!

16oz Greek Lowfat Plain Yogurt

 blog_20130129_new year new look_grk before and after

16oz European-Style Sour Cream

 blog_20130129_new year new look_sc before and after

Many of you have shared that you love our Greek Lowfat Plain Yogurt so much that we thought, "Why not give our fans more of what they love?" So in addition to the 16oz size we're offering our Greek Lowfat Plain yogurt in a new 32oz quart size, which are arriving in Whole Foods Markets throughout this month.

A brand new year also calls for a brand new Wallaby product line! But we'll wait to give you the scoop on that until our next blog... In the meantime, click here for a sneak preview.

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  • lynda


    19 October 2013 at 20:59 |
    I first learned of Greek yogurt on a visit to Greece and fell in love. Unavailable here at the time I strained m my own using organic yogurt. It just never tasted the same. Your Greek 2% organic plain yogurt is the best I have ever tasted, no fillers, no gums, just yogurt. I made a stewed organic fig and almond jam to go with it today and it is so delicious. Thanks Wallaby


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