Step 1

In a stand mixer outfitted with a whisk, whip heavy cream at a slow speed to soft peaks.

Step 2

Add Greek yogurt, and continue mixing at a slow speed until combined. Reserve bowl in refrigerator.

Step 3

In a new bowl, whip egg whites and sugar until they form stiff peaks. Add banana powder, banana extract and salt. Continue to mix until well-combined.

Step 4

Gently fold cream mixture and egg white mixture together until smooth.

Step 5

Place into piping bags or dole into small serving bowls. Reserve in refrigerator for at least 15 min to set, until ready to serve.


About Chef Jenny Dorsey

Chef Jenny is a professional chef, author, and speaker working at the intersection of food and social justice. She leads a nonprofit community think tank named Studio ATAO, and her own culinary consulting business. Jenny has written for outlets such as Eater, and Food & Wine and often speaks on the politics of food. In 2020, she gave her first TEDx Talk titled “How Food Can Be A Source of Identity, Intimacy and Vulnerability.” Want to find out more about Chef Jenny – check out